Coco Wasi is our lovely off-grid home on Hawaii's Big Island. It is here where we hold private gatherings, work on the land and deeply connect into the aina and inherent beauty of the space. Coco was the original acronym for this land, the Center of Conscious Oneness. Wasi is a Quechua term, the language of the Andes, meaning home, dwelling, and in our case, a sanctuary and permanent culture of wellness.

The property has been a place of healing and transformation for the last thirty years. For five years Victoria owned Coco's until 2010 and then it went into the hands of a couple who sold it to us in 2016. The background story is here.

This is sacred land. And we love to be here providing our services to those that feel the call to be in a truly magical and transformative space.

We are a three acre property, completely off-grid with a new solar system and water catchment, providing power and water. There are over twenty fruits on the land that flourish their abundance at various times of the year. Our coconuts are exceptional, avocados delectable, night jasmine sensually aromatic. Coco Wasi is a slice of paradise.

When you live off-grid, you have to shift your thinking in relation to harmony with the environment. Using power during times of sun, charging devices during the daytime and unplugging at night, laundry in the morning so the sun can dry them in the day. Normally we have a fairly balanced amount of sun and rain, often with nightly rains and warm sunny days.

In periods of dryness we have to be mindful of our water usage, including duration of showers, what we use for washing and rinsing dishes, regularly collecting cold shower water in buckets until it gets warm and flushing the toilet with it.

We live in the jungle. It is always growing and always needing maintenance and cutting back. We have coqui frogs and harmless spiders that spin artistic webs, there are mongoose and a wide assortment of plants and trees. We have five amazing cats Wasi, Kintu, Maestro (Boy Cat) and his sister Girl Cat and Mooney. Coco kitty passed in 2018 at the age of 18.

Nearby we have tide pools on the ocean, a brand new black sand beach that was created in 2018 when the lava flowed a mile away. There are sacred waterfalls, botanical gardens, snorkeling, turtles and more within a reasonable distance. We also arrange whale and dolphin boat excursions on the other side of the island. The nearest international airport is Hilo (ITO), a forty minute drive from our sanctuary in the jungle.

We love to share our space with people who can value and appreciate the sacredness, the beauty and the healing that occurs here.

We hold 5, 8 and 10 day private gatherings during December to June. Please contact us for more infomation.








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