When it comes to this work, we do our best to open our hearts, create and hold safe, sacred space to allow whatever is necessary for healing to take place.

Our favorite part is seeing the transformations that occur in people's lives as they open to their true passions and interests. These are some of the things that others have said about us, our healing work, various ceremonies and journeys. We are humbled by the kindness! Thank you to all of you who have shared your experience.


"Reverence is my attitude. Gray and Victoria walk their talk! They do not pretend to be miracle workers or gifted, they simply know, feel, believe and transcend that Love heals.
Their exemplary empathy, commitment, dedication, intuition, compassion, trust, imperfection and gratitude create a safe and sacred space for us to finally give a voice to our deepest repressed emotions. And when that happens, when light shines on our darkest and scariest parts, chains break, doors open, magic radiates, and we heal. After decades of suppression, Gray and Victoria gifted me the safe space and loving embrace for my inner child to finally and freely express herself. Everyday I am experiencing how that release has positively impacted my succession of present moments. Our 10 day retreat was simply amazingly brilliant and spectacular. See you next year!!! I Love You "

"I’ve been attending Gray & Victoria’s healing gatherings since 2014. They deliver an absolutely amazing combination of the best healing practices from around the world with a variety of incredible sounds, music and other constantly evolving techniques. I’ve really moved a lot of energy over the years and have become more peaceful and more productive by relinquishing patterns that no longer serve me (if they ever did). Their events impart a changed outlook that is truly sustainable. They are amazingly in-tune and attentive while tailoring their healing work for each participant. Victoria & Gray are the most gifted healers I’ve ever been around... and they unfailingly provide a loving and safe space to evolve yourself into a heightened and better place."

"I cannot say enough about the remarkable healing I have experienced under the guidance of Victoria and Gray. Their sacred gatherings, facilitating  energy and body work, have taken me from a place of deep pain and grief, through layers of past life trauma, and into a space of peace and fulfillment that I would not have thought possible. I met them 10 days after the sudden death of my husband of 33 years. I have been in ceremony with them 7 times, including time at their beautiful retreat in Hawaii. Every session was different and profoundly beneficial. Gray and Victoria are two extremely gifted healers and you owe it to yourself to experience their work."

"What an amazing experience! I had spent many years in therapy working on trauma from severe child abuse but was having trouble moving past it. Victoria and Gray created a beautiful, loving and safe space for me to face and release the missing pieces of my trauma so I could move on with my life. Participating in the weekend gatherings have changed my life. I feel more free, open and hopeful than I have in years and ready to welcome the love and joy of life with open arms. Thank you Victoria and Gray for your dedication to the human spirit! Much love to you both. "

"I feel like I released mountains of negative emotions, anger, fear, sadness, resentment, during my weekend with Victoria and Gray. I found some peace and compassion for myself and others. I felt a huge range of emotions that I've numbed for most of my life. Victoria and Gray orchestrated ethereal music and sounds, chanting, tapping, pressure points, and other techniques-modern and ancient-and helped us heal like nobody else I have ever seen. They put their incredible love, hearts, souls and acuity into their work, for which I am forever grateful. I recommend them wholeheartedly. They are legitimate spiritual healers."

"I want to thank you for the magical day. Wow! What an enlightening experience. Thank you for helping me to open like I never have before. I truly feel that angels work through you two. You are very special souls and I feel blessed to know you Lots of love and hugs to you both!"

"Thank you both! I can't fully express what you two have done for me. I no longer have post traumatic stress syndrome, no more nightmares, I found love and forgiveness for my family, I fully mourned for my fiancee that passed away and I am no longer jaded or numb. I have unconditional love for you both. I am so grateful you two came into my life because together you saved me!"

"My experience with Victoria and Gray has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They work amazingly together and have a tremendous amount of love, compassion, sincerity and empathy. They have given me the courage and support to go within myself and heal my deepest wounds, for which I am incredibly grateful. Their presence alone is extremely healing! Thank you so much for everything you do--you are Wonderful!!"

Victoria and Gray are powerful healers. They both guided me with such love and strength through one of the most transformative life experiences I have ever had. They work beautifully together, and their love shines through in all parts of their work. They held me through deep pains, wounds, and emotional releases. Thank you for allowing me to feel and go to places I would have forever hidden away from. It couldn't have happened without the both of you and I am infinitely grateful!"

"I AM so blessed to have participated in the incredible meditation week with Victoria and Gray. I was offered so much love and support to assist me to get to the next level of my awakening. My gratitude overflows for you two and the amazing group of people I experienced this week with. You are my tribe and I love you all!"

"Being in Hawaii over Easter week has exceeded my wildest expectations. Thanks to Gray Jeffery and Victoria Bliss for leading this meditation retreat and helping me to reach beyond what I could attain with my limited wingspan."

"I've been thinking tonight about how radically better my life is regularly becoming. I often think back to our time shared in California and New York and what an amazing influence both you and Victoria have had on my relationship with Spirit. Each day I walk a more humble and available being. I want you both to know what a blessing you are to me. Thanks and love in the highest."

"Experiencing the sacred root healing session with Victoria and Gray was incredibly powerful and transformative. I didn't even realise how much needed to shift but they intuitively knew and facilitated a huge release and change. I felt loved and supported throughout and was left with such a sense of peace and clarity afterwards. There aren't enough words to express my appreciation and love for you both. Thank you for all that you be and do for our world."

"My biggest challenge prior to the retreat was remembering how to love myself, but soaking up how loved and blessed I felt in your company and with the others on the retreat, I'm now finding it more challenging to not love myself. I choose to laugh. I choose to dance. I choose to treat myself well. I choose to be connected to myself and others. I am now ready to choose those things that have been missing from my life...things I had blocked because I felt I didn't deserve them. I remember now that I do.

Thank you. Thank you for being who you are, being open to spirit, and for answering the call. Thank you for providing me with a safe and nurturing place to heal. I knew how great the need was for profound energetic shifts in my life, but I would not have been able to accomplish that to the degree that I did without your love, compassion, and empathy. I saw evidence of those shifts long before I ever left Hawaii, and as an added bonus, I came home with a deep sense of clarity and renewed sense of self. Thank you also for providing me with tools to help me continue to grow. You have helped facilitate a great change in my life, and I am forever in your debt."

"You are a couple amazing individuals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the trip so incredibly meaningful and powerful!"

“Blessings to you and Gray and all the Lives you touch and souls you carried through the muck of emotions. You two are amazing souls touched by the Hand of God.”  

" I have been on a healing/healer path most of my life.  I am a seeker of truth, sensitive to energies, and cautious who I allow to work on me, as I am a healer also. I was very clearly guided to have a session with Gray and Victoria, which has unblocked and shifted me to a new paradigm.  I worked actively with them in the session and so many issues I have been aware of and working on were unfettered in a matter of minutes.  Gray is in his shamanic element and lays the foundation with spiritual illumination and freedom to unblock, allowing the choice for freedom, also effectively laying a foundation for liberty to emerge back in life in a transcended way.  Victoria also channels and is a blissful heart opener - also permitting transmutation to walk a new pathway, resurrected from former obstacles.  Together they are a powerful team making impact into healing and truth; enabling release in a safe and nurturing environment of love."

"It is amazing how the 8-day Mystical Peru journey felt like a lifetime of profound experiences -- including breathtaking Machu Picchu and other ancient sites, sacred ceremonies, sound healings, friendship, and so much more. The nurturing guidance by Victoria and Gray made the trip extra special. I'm forever changed by my experience."

“If anyone is looking for the heart of healing and wants to experience pure love and nurturing from two angels on earth this is the trip to take. Being surrounded by mountains that spoke to my soul and having my heart held through this whole trip brought me to the deepest healing imaginable. I couldn't recommend it highly enough to everyone. I love you both so much!"

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you both for this amazing shamanic retreat this last weekend.

To anyone reading this, I would highly recommend doing this work with them and this is why. Victoria and Gray you both are pure unconditional love. In everything you do this is emanated. You both are so connected and you can see the ancestors and great spirit working through you. I was able to have the courage to do this retreat because of who you both are, the level of sacredness and care you have for each person provides such a safe space for us to transform. You are with us throughout our journeys helping us and guiding us to heal and to remember that we truly are beautiful souls of love. I look forward to being with you both again when you return. I have so much love and gratitude for you both and am grateful for me. Below I am sharing some of my journey.

My journey began with an evening meditative healing circle that helped me to let go of those parts inside that were truly not me. Victoria and Gray assisted in releasing all of the shadows in me so I could be free. In my heart I know that it healed my physical body. After, so many insights came to me. One being that fear is really nothing it is so small but I was giving it so much power to become really big in my life. I truly have the power to not make fear grow anymore by being aware.

I was then fortunate to participate in a full day meditative healing circle that helped me to heal my emotional body and helped me to see clearly. Wow it was amazing. I had Victoria right by my side as I healed and let go of my childhood traumas. I was not only healing this for me but I felt like I was healing for everyone in the world who had been abused. I finally had a voice and a safe space in nature to really let go of anger and the sadness. I then got to see where I have built my life   over controlling situations and people in order to protect. I thought I was the one to blame that I was bad. I turned that anger inward and caused my life to be filled with physical pain to punish me.    I was helped throughout the day to become peaceful and see so clearly that I am not bad, it was never my fault. I don't have to be responsible for everyone in my life. Oh my gosh I felt so happy and relieved. I finally got to see how precious and loving I truly am. Then Gray came to me, the shaman that he is, with his drumming and sound to reconnect me with this earth mother. I felt so connected. This is what I get to take home with me. What a beautiful life transforming weekend. I am not the same person. I am looking forward to creating my life without all of these barriers I used to carry with me. What a gift. I am forever grateful."

"Thank you, thank you again for the amazing healing! I feel like it changed my being forever."

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me at the meditation. My life is so much more than it has ever been, every day my heart grows bigger. I have purpose in my life I never knew. I love you guys more than you could know."

"Victoria and Gray are lovely beings that really put their heart into all that they do, and truly walk the path. So wonderful to experience their magic and grace."

"Thank you both again so much for this wonderful experience. It was definitely life changing and my heart continues to glow with love and light."

"I had headaches for 8 years and the next day after the session I was sitting in my car crying. My daughter asked what was wrong. I said “My head doesn't hurt anymore.”

"Hello lovelies! I wanted to share with you that I have been off of my medication for about 5 weeks! I don't think I would have done it without your healing Thank you so much, I feel like a whole new person! xoxo"

"I am still very much in the delicious space of our ceremony this weekend.  What an incredible, sacred team you are! Words cannot fully express what I have experienced.  I now get on a cellular level who I am as an Earth Warrior and a voice for Grandmother Spirit – Mother Earth.  I had an experience of Victoria infusing me with pure feminine and Gray pure masculine energy which has restored a sacred natural balance within me. My work these last two days has already gone much deeper and is flowing much more freely.  I am a new woman in my own skin and so appreciate who you are for me and our planet. Thank you, thank you , thank you."

“If you've attended one of Samanayo's vibrational EFT sessions, had a private healing, or joined them in any other sacred ceremony, then you already know the incredible power these two beings share. Having joined them on a journey through the sacred valley this fall, I now know those experiences had barely scratched the surface. The setting of this most special place on earth, and the nature of becoming one with a group for such a length; truly sets the bar for healing and discovery. One on one sessions and workshops can work profound changes in us, but oftentimes we forget it is our own power grounding in the change. 

Embarking on a journey with friends known and also those still unknown challenges us to anchor in our own might as individuals. Gray and Victoria work as wonderful catalysts and facilitators; by opening up and evolving amidst these other compassionate eyes growing through similar and different throes, we take head on the risk and rewards of clarity and transparency.  It was daunting at first being such an introvert as I was, sharing my most intimate details of self and aspiration, not just with those I looked up to as healers, but others whom for some reason my ego still feared judgement from. This began to change more and more as the week wore on however, as I realized and owned that almost always the ego is the harshest judge. 

I saved an entire year to make this trip happen and every single moment of it was worth every bit of prior sacrifice. I have emerged from this adventure more open than I had had ever even thought I might. All the better I met and made several new friends who became family as we all grew. It's going to be o longing wait til next I see all these wonderful people and places whenever our paths cross next. if you're ready to or wanting to open your heart and step into love, then join Samanayo on one of their epic journeys through incredible spaces outside and within yourself.”

''Gratitude, respect and a deep, lasting appreciation for Victoria and Gray - such talented souls! They took great care of us all on their retreat, and we felt extremely welcome to let go, and be free to be however we needed to in the moment. This allowed me to experience a deeper learning and love for myself, in the places I normally hide from the world and myself. The retreat is set up in such a way that you are never alone unless you wish to be. The land is so beautiful, rich with sweet scents, colours, peace and presence. There are places to sit and relax alone, and a wonderful social space to hang out, eat and share with the other people on the retreat. Highlights include the swimming, snorkelling, the unfolding conversations. Also, the incredible music, and witnessing the authentic, powerful talent of Gray and Victoria’s healing expression. I learned a lot simple by meeting them. They are really special people who love each other dearly, and that love radiates out to embrace everyone around them with great humour and humility. We recommend this retreat for anyone, and everyone. They will meet you where you are at.  Thank you Gray and Victoria”

"We are so lucky to have Gray and Victoria Bliss back in town. They are such beautiful souls assisting us in transforming our lives. They fuse together their passions of Shamanic healing with EFT (emotional freedom technique). My family personally has had amazing shifts with the classes they offer and especially the private sessions where really deep healing and profound miracles occur! My heartfelt thanks and love for who you are, I am so blessed for the amazing experience and new beginnings..... Love you both"

"Awesome event put on by authentic folks. Thanks for thinking out of the box"

"Victoria and Gray helped me recognize the peace and bliss dwelling within me. The tapping helped me access memories that trapped me in limiting beliefs...and I was finally able to get the lesson and let go of old armor. Victoria and Gray's vision is beautiful...I'm grateful to be one of those touched by their hope and healing, now letting it ripple it out into the world with my own authentic love and light shining bright! Gracias Amigos!! "

"The power and influence of what Victoria and Gray do is made even stronger by their solidarity in their roles and mastery of skill. Their wide array of modalities and tools open a space for radical healing."  

"It was amazing! Wow! The vibrations of the shaman after doing the EFT work was amazing energy work. I could feel blockages being broken and energy flowing causing jolts of energy to flow and cause me to twitch, what a trip! I was and still am relaxed and feel awesome, what a experience of a lifetime. Will have to have them back! It was so worth the money"

"I was so moved and truly healed by several things last night. It was just so amazing experiencing this healing.. If you were not able to make this, this time.. you owe it to yourself to come to the next one that they have here in town/close by.. You will thank yourself for attending afterwards for sure. The Shaman was empowered and Victoria 's EFT Vibrational touch healing was so releasing and healing in so many different ways.. Just amazing of a class lesson time.. Must do this again. I am so thinking about the one on one from them. I know that I was touched in a mighty way last night for healing. My pain is totally gone now. So happy and excited that it is going too. Thank you so much for that. I am still feeling the energy from this amazing meeting session."

Victoria Bliss & Gray Jeffery are two of the most amazing healing souls I have ever met... If you should ever get to experience their loving souls truth, it will only change your life for the better! :P "

"I enjoyed meeting you so much yesterday; your ceremony blew my mind and shifted some old stuff out that needed to go while bringing in a lot of new light and energy. You are a gifted healer and I feel honored to have been able to participate in one of your ceremonies. I am definitely vibrating on a higher level now and strangely enough it continued lifting long after the ceremony last night and into the morning. Very cool and I'm truly grateful."

"I Feel Love for the first time Thank You"

"Glow much? You two shine like the Sun! Many blessings to all in the path of your sacred journeys. You know how deeply your work has touched me, and to see you out sharing it with hundreds throughout the country is so inspiring. Thanks for all the work you both do in the world. We love you both."

"Gray & Victoria's personal EFT session will implode you, explode you, eradicate the old you. ….And, unveil natural rhythms, centered in your core, that are pure, open and awe inspiring. You will feel as if you have reentered a realm of a truer you. …Or, of a you, that is transforming, on a spacious new journey. it all is ok and good and nice and right. Not to be underestimated, Gray & Victoria's In tuned On tuned Chanting Healing Breathing Manipulating, Tapping & transcending…….. is focused in a vibrational element which inconspicuously, & then conspicuously will shift rooted obstacles, in an organic, and indigenous spirit. Victoria & Gray will unite with you, heal you. And guide you through Invisible Barriers Which you may not have even known exist. Open your heart Open your mind Let go And enjoy the ride. Breathe And then breathe Deeper. Go to the deepest realm of your inner being. With your entire being. You will not be disappointed. That which no longer serves you………….. Dissipates. And you will evolve into a purer you: Of love and light and hope and peace and blissful dreams come true."

"You may be surprised to learn that these days since your departure have required a sort of adjustment--like having a very vivid and delicious dream in slow motion, and suddenly, reluctantly awakening to the non-dream world. The hours spent in your healing presence were the most profoundly magical ever experienced. Never, never doubt your power, my friend."

"What an incredible experience you provided for me. You fully succeeded in creating a sacred space full of love and compassion, whereby the healing that occurred is a natural expression of that. Its touches the depth of my soul to know that there are others out there who walk the path so rooted in integrity and love."

“I want to tell you again how important it was to meet you, Gray. It's wonderful to experience a man holding that much love in himself. Your presence blew me away! I don't know at this point when we will meet again, but you are in my heart.”

"I don't quite know how to describe the days spent with Gray. To say that they are recalled as in a dream, or that he cast a spell from which I didn't want to emerge may give a clue, but not the story. Whatever your deepest wishes for him have been, you may not be prepared to learn that he's become a very powerful healer. The energy he brought to me was so abundant that by the time he left I was measureably stronger--and resolute about living in peaceful coexistence with this chronic disease."

"You have what I call "sun energy" that abundance of healing that I so often felt from you. You are a healer. From the core of you. Every cell of you."

"You are a warm, loving, heart-filled person. That was shown over and over in your hospitality, spiritual guidance, healing and leadership. Thank you for being my guide on a journey that showed me new possibilities for my life."

"The combination of your energy and sound healing is catalytic. Energy and sound bore me to sacred sites. And most importantly, to no identifiable place. You catapulted me into the deepest recesses of the cosmos. It's there that I vowed to return to earth, once again, reconsecrated."

"The work we did broke something loose. I am raw, wide open. My longing and remembering of a time when I had nothing and no one is so close to the forefront I feel as if I can't breathe. As I write this I can't hold any of it in any longer, a good thing I'm sure. There are so many things I wish I could say, knew how to say, but I am mute, unable to articulate or even understand or share with you what my experience is in this moment. It's as if I have been waiting my entire life to feel, really feel, be seen, really be seen, and there you are. Having the experience we shared today is perhaps the sweetest most amazing opening so far in my life. Simple words cannot convey my gratitude. To be broken open and feel this tremendous pain is almost unbearable, but I know it will pass and I will be stronger because of it. Thank you dear, sweet, beautiful man."

"Gray's energy work increased my vibrating level to such that my circulation was flowing out of my fingertips and toes. Energy came into me and filled me up. Vibrant and electrifying. The rattles made the energy electrifying and poured over my entire body. I've never felt so much circulation w/o rigorous exercise. Felt like my atoms were vibrating at a higher frequency."

"What I loved most of the experience was the love and spiritual embrace. My heart soars."

"Our time together was so well organized that I was able to completely relax and go inward. It was a joy to participate."

"I didn't know what to expect but it was incredible. The individual and group healing work and working with the shamans was so powerful."

"Thank you so much for your love and hospitality. You are such a welcome and warm heart. Thank you for your ayni and sharing all that Spirit has revealed to you. Your essence is true love!"

"You are delightful. Thank you for helping me along my healing journey. You will always have a special place in my mesa."

"We were so glad to have joined you, it was an amazing and powerful experience, thank you!  I loved the chanting. The condor feathers and Agua de Florida really worked to bring us back to some sort of reality!  Lovely touches!  You have a gift with your gongs and healing energy."

"Your immediate welcome when I arrived on the journey opened my heart and made me feel safe and welcome. It is a pleasure to know you."

"From the moment I met you I felt an unexpected and rarely experienced warmth. I appreciated you bringing in that quality through the ups and downs of our transformational week. What a pleasure to spend time with a person so dedicated to inner growth. And your “gong gift” moved me deeply!"

"Thank you a million times over for making this magical and transformative experience possible."

"I just wanted to say YOU ROCK and it was an honour getting to just be with such a gentle and gorgeous being like yourself!"

"Thank you for making this trip so very special with your kind and loving heart."

"A void in my life has been filled by the sounds of the gongs!"

"Thank you so much for a beautiful spiritual experience. It will be forever etched into my memory."

"It was a true blessing to host you and your amazing ceremony. May the Force be with you at all times as you journey on."

"Your gift of bringing indigenous ways to our over commercial and materialistic society is just grace and beauty incarnate. You are a brave and lovely soul. Thank you for such a touching and deep experience."

"Thank you so much for your amazing healing sound. The vibration of the gongs entered every cell of my body."

"Very profound and beautiful and full of love and healing."

"Lovely-like a shower of sound cleansing."

"Thank you very much. I loved hearing about your time in Peru and the sacred objects you have. Thank you for this divine experience."

"A beautiful healing experience. Love abounds."

"Thank you. Your spirits and your entrainment as you create the soundscape from the aural silence are a welcome energetic contribution to my journey."

"Thank you for a most powerful workshop and healing experience. It was truly divine."

"Thank you for an awesome intense experience. It was amazing."

"Thank you for this beautiful experience. I feel cleansed, healed and energized."

"Thank you Gray. I felt so much energy and music and ringing in the room, it was if there were many of you playing gongs together and energy flowed through my fingers to everywhere."

"Thank you for creating a beautiful space to release and heal."

"Thank you Gray for sharing yourself with this group. The experience was wonderful"

"Thank you so much for this wonderful healing experience. It cleared a lot!"

"Vibrational communication, penetrating, opening, soothing. When I came in the room and laid down I felt Presences welcome me and surround me. The gong at my feet was tremendous for grounding and bringing the energies in thru the body"

"Thank you for the vibrations, healing love and sharing light."

"This is one of those powerful experiences that one takes with them throughout a lifetime and into eternity. Blessings for this powerful work. I'll be back!"

"You have a very powerful healing energy."

"We had a fabulous time. thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful experience."

"Thank you. No words can completely describe the experience. How about BEAUTIFUL!. I am blessed to have experienced your GIFTS!"

"Thank you for creating such a sacred space. The work you do is such a blessing to all."


"Today is our 50th wedding anniversary and we couldn't have spent it in a better or more meaningful manner. You are amazing. Your work is truly appreciated. Thank you!"

"Thank you for sharing your 'love made audible'. Come back anytime"

"If I didn't email you now, your card would get lost & I would've totally forgotten once the rooster called & the craziness of the day began. But, I think tomorrow morning will be less hectic. I definitely feel in a peaceful place. When I got into my car I rolled down my windows and drove home in complete silence feeling so present with such clarity. To be honest I can't remember if I've ever felt this clear. The sounds of the cars were like crystal & the crickets were loud & it was so beautiful. I don't know that I ever enjoyed driving on the Long Island Expressway like this before, just listening, no thoughts, just being, as the sounds moved through me almost driving my car home for me. Eventually, some thoughts seeped in "I hope my daughter's homework doesn't fly out the window", "Ohh the moon is so full" but then I went back to Being. After this I'm going to sit in my backyard for a while and enjoy the symphony of nature until enough bugs eat me up (especially since I smell like flowers!) and my bed calls to me. Thank you for tonight. Good luck on your fantastic journey. I hope our paths meet again."

"So, so fabulous! Thank you for giving me a space where I was safely able to experience my deeper emotions"

"So grateful you exist and today you assisted me into my alignment of my soul body to my source"

"Beautiful and Powerful. You captured bits of Peru and brought it here...Thank you"

"Much gratitude for your healing. It was amazing"

"Thank you Gray. So auspicious to have you come to Yoga Flow Studio. With much gratitude. I sincerely hope you'll be back to visit us. Many blessings on your journey ahead."

"With much gratitude for sharing your beautiful gifts, thank you."

"Much gratitude to you!! It was a sacred and powerful evening...you are a gifted practitioner and we welcome you back anytime you are in our neighborhood."

"For me the healing of my left knee is a Miracle! Something magical happened during the healing ceremony you performed. I shall never forget you or the gift of healing you gave to me. The tension and stress flowed out of my body. We are all connected."

"Thank you so much for holding our sacred journey last night with your sincere spirit and wisdom. It was a very subtle yet profound experience for me. Your commitment to guiding our remembering to this innate connection is most appreciated. I wish you the best on your continued journey."

"A journey much needed-a remembering. An opening into the safety of healing my relationship with the masculine-thank you for showing up."

"Thank you...a resonance, a beautiful experience."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I loved the moment where what I was "letting go" and what I was "bringing in" were indistinguishable. Thanks for reminding us to return to the simplicity and joy of life."

"Thank you for a very moving evening that I got to share with my two daughters."

"Thank you! Awesome experience."

"Thank Thank Thank you! This was amazing"

"Thank you for your blessings. Very deep release and cleanse. I heard 'I am coming home now...do you hear me? I am coming home' Such sacred energy and alignment for what I was asking even before the ceremony-confirmation. Thank you."

"Thank you for the AMAZING ceremony. It was very healing on so many levels. I was able to release so many negative emotions, emotions and traumas that I didn't even realize i was holding. Thank you again. I will be spreading your healing love with everyone I touch."

"I had the experience of a life time by being "Blessed with Bliss." This amazing tapping healing technique by Victoria Bliss & the transformable Shaman healings of Gray really took me to a blissful out of this world level like never before. The healing session lasted about 2 hours and I felt a strong surge of electric & electric energy flowing through my body... Truly unexplainable but I'm a 100% a true believer! I felt a rush of negative energies leaving my space & body as Victoria & Gray applied the tapping of the body & massage pressure points. Towards the end, I felt a great sense of peace and it also felt as if I was at one with the creator & the universe. Meaning I was not only there but every where at the same time. I highly recommend everyone to experience this amazing cleansing and Blissful peace. My healing journey was superb & yours will be too."



"There aren't enough words
to express my appreciation
and love for
you both."


"Thank you for providing me
with a safe and nurturing place
to heal."


"The power and influence of
what Victoria
and Gray do is made even stronger by
their solidarity in their roles
and mastery
of skill."


"I'm forever changed by my experience."


"I am so grateful you two came
into my life because together you saved me!"


"My heart continues to
glow with love
and light."


"What an incredible,
sacred team
you are!"


"I feel so much peace and I feel like a new person."



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